The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised communities to take precautions in the event that the coronavirus spreads. LA Times
VOA VIEW: Sad, if true.
Fox News broke records in February, averaging 3.53 million total viewers in prime time — the highest ratings in its 23-year history. It was also its 44th consecutive month that it was the most-watched channel on basic cable. The channel steamrolled its news competitors, with MSNBC averaging 1.78 million and CNN hitting 1.05 million. Year... New York Post
VOA VIEW: It shows that the majority don't trust and believe the liberal news.
Mike Bloomberg had a different plan for his second debate: buy it. A 60-second ad for the billionaire media mogul’s campaign played during the first and second commercial breaks of the CBS Democratic presidential debate on Wednesday night — drawing the ire of pundits on Twitter. Viewers lashed into CBS for allowing Bloomberg to buy... New York Post
VOA VIEW: A lot of money buys all, unfortunately.


Billionaire Mike Bloomberg came close to saying he “bought” the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives — but caught himself and said “I got them,” instead during Tuesday night’s debate. The former New York mayor was touting the millions he spent to help elect Democrats to the House in 2018, arguing he’s the candidate... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Money talks.
The South Carolina presidential Democratic debate quickly devolved into a scrappy schoolyard screaming match on Tuesday night — all of the candidates furiously talking over each other as the CBS moderators seemed helpless to do anything about it. CBS News moderators Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell struggled to keep the unruly seven candidates in line... New York Post
VOA VIEW: Dems have nothing.
In a messy South Carolina Democratic forum, featuring frequent interruptions, angry crosstalk and theatrical hand-waving, Bernie Sanders faced the most serious test so far. New York Times
The U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday barred a lawsuit against a Border Patrol agent for fatally shooting a 15-year-old Mexican boy on Mexican soil from across the border in Texas, refusing to open the door for foreign nationals to pursue civil rights cases in American courts in such incidents. Rueters
Nearly 24 hours after Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of two sex crimes the former movie mogul remained in Bellevue Hospital.        USA Today
Sen. Elizabeth Warren suggested on Tuesday the only way that Democrats are going to crack down on guns is to do away with the legislative filibuster. Ms. Warren said Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Kentucky Republican, will continue to thwart the party's priorities as long as the ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Fools!


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday he is concerned that marijuana is damaging the brains of the nation's youth. Mr. Bloomberg said that he supports decriminalizing the possession of marijuana, but said that the federal government should go slow when it comes to all-out ... Washington Times
CHARLESTON, S.C. — Sen. Elizabeth Warren said that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's history of putting his money behind Republicans will make it impossible for him to rally the core of the Democratic Party. Ms. Warren pointed out that President Trump is slated to travel to South Carolina ... Washington Times
VOA VIEW: Only fools trust Dems.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday accused China and Iran of censoring information about coronavirus outbreaks, risking a worldwide spread. ABC
VOA VIEW: China and Iran are a treat to the world.
Questions about Russian interference in the 2020 presidential election continue to loom over both the president’s reelection campaign and the Democratic primary. ABC
VOA VIEW: Russia wants the chaos that Sanders brings.

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President Trump demanded that two sitting Supreme Court justices recuse from all Trump-related matters, insisting without evidence that they have treated him unfairly. ABC
VOA VIEW: Liberal judges are a danger to the US.
Iraj Harirchi, who has strongly denied any cover-up of a growing outbreak, has self-quarantined. BBC
VOA VIEW: So much for denial.
The EU will follow this blueprint in talks, as UK ministers also agree their stance. BBC


Seven Democratic candidates for president will meet on the debate stage in Charleston, South Carolina, in a debate hosted by CBS News. CBS
VOA VIEW: Stupidity!
Former Vice President Al Gore launched a voter registration campaign focusing on the youth vote, their concern about the climate crisis, and defeating President Trump. Ken Berlin, the CEO of Gore's The Reality Action Fund, joins CBSN to discuss the campaign. CBS
VOA VIEW: Foolish thought from someone no one cares to hear from.
The retailer said third-party vendors will benefit from more competitive pricing and customers will gain a larger assortment of brands. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Growth and control.
Mike Bloomberg has spent a ton of money running for president, but he hasn't been able to stop the deluge of recordings of his past controversial remarks from hitting social media. CNBC
VOA VIEW: Bloomberg makes foolish statements.
National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow tried on Tuesday to assuage concerns over the cornavirus and its impact on the U.S. economy. CNBC

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Turnaround Tuesday didn't happen for stocks. US markets are back in the red, adding to their sharp losses Monday amid coronavirus fears. CNN
VOA VIEW: Natural response and it will go up.
Restrictions from the novel coronavirus mean that two major Disney theme parks have had to temporarily shut down. The pain isn't limited to Disney, it also extends to the surrounding businesses in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. CNN's David Culver reports from Shanghai. CNN
A man charged with raping an 11-year-old girl in Maryland was living in the United States illegally, authorities said.  FOX News
VOA VIEW: Dems and sanctuary cities look bad.

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After an overhaul of top leadership at the federal Bureau of Prison’s following the death of financier Jeffrey Epstein, Attorney General William Barr named a new director of the federal Bureau of Prisons Tuesday. FOX News
The U.S. Supreme Court handed Walgreens a big win on Monday by turning away an appeal from a fired Florida worker who said he couldn't work on Saturdays because of his religion.  FOX News
VOA VIEW: Walgreens has the right to make its own policies.
The United States told Americans on Tuesday to begin preparing for coronavirus to spread within the country as outbreaks in Iran, South Korea and Italy escalated and fears that the epidemic would hurt global growth rattled markets. Reuters
U.S. airlines and hotels are extending options for customers to rebook travel to a growing list of countries, including Italy, as coronavirus cases spiked outside of China and sparked fears of a global pandemic. Reuters
A U.S. judge on Tuesday signaled skepticism toward a bid by Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to President Donald Trump, to win a new trial based on claims that the jury forewoman was biased, even as Trump assailed her again on Twitter. Reuters
VOA VIEW: Foolish move.
U.S. Senate Republicans on Tuesday reacted skeptically to the Trump administration's request to continue a controversial but inactive domestic surveillance program that collects data on U.S. phone calls and text messages. Reuters
The head of U.S. Transportation Command has publicly challenged the Air Force's plan to retire its older aerial refueling aircraft. UPI
Attorney General William Barr told Republican senators he plans on making reforms to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court during a private lunch Tuesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: It's about time.
A U.S. airstrike in Somalia last week killed an al-Shabab leader suspected of being involved in a January attack in Kenya that killed a U.S. service member, the U.S. military said Tuesday. UPI
VOA VIEW: As it should be.

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